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About Us


Our certified public accounting firm was originally established in 1987 under the name Peggy D. Stoltz & Associates, with Margaret as one of the owners. In 2006 Margaret assumed sole ownership of the firm under the name of Margaret B. Hunter, CPA, PA.

Our Philosophy:

We operate under the philosophy that to serve our clients properly it is important to be friendly, welcoming and professional in our interactions, timely in our responses, current in our education and knowledge, and progressive in our business practices and systems. We believe that the knowledge and experiences that we have gained over the years makes us a good "sounding board" for our clients' ideas and initiatives. Furthermore, we consider ourselves a valuable member of each of our clients' financial team by providing them with information to make them successful.

Our Mission:

Our mission is to provide value to the relationship we have with each of our clients by delivering the services they need, and by giving thoughtful and honest responses to their questions, concerns and ideas.